How we do it

How we do it

 At the heart of our business are innovation, ethical operations and a collaborative mindset. 

Our research and development leads the agricultural industry: we spend US$1.4bn a year on R&D and regularly bring new products to market, even though this can take up to 13 years. 

Our Corporate Responsibility performance – in areas including environment, labor practices, and human rights – adheres to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which helps businesses communicate their impact on sustainability issues. 

Collaboration is essential to our innovation. We work in partnership with academia, NGOs and other agricultural businesses, and we encourage innovators to reach out to us through our thoughtseeders® platform.


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The focus of our innovation

How we make new products

Agriculture is one of the most regulated sectors of the world economy. Bringing a new crop protection product or seed to market is a long, complex process, ensuring safety for people and the environment. 

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How we listen to our stakeholders

Join the conversation about the future of agriculture



Over a quarter million people visit the ‘Show Rural’ trade fair each year in Brazil to check out the latest farming technologies. We were there with the largest booth on site! Watch our video to see for yourself: See how:

01:27 PM – 20 FEB 2017

Syngenta and the AI for Good Foundation have partnered to launch the Syngenta AI Challenge, a new international competition focused on leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for use in seed breeding. The competition is accepting submissions from applicants who are ready to put their programming skills to the test for the chance to win $7,500. Learn more at: See how:

02:38 PM – 16 FEB 2017

February is Barley Month. This gorgeous field in the UK is where we grow barley to produce our seeds. It stretches for a kilometer and showcases different hybrid varieties that create this patchwork design. Pretty impressive, right? See how:

02:31 PM – 13 FEB 2017

Our 2016 Full Year Results were published today. See how we performed and what we expect going forward. Press releases and media presentation are available at: See how:

03:58 PM – 08 FEB 2017

We’re proud to be the only agriculture company listed among Corporate Knight’s top 100 most sustainable corporations in the world: See how:

03:30 PM – 06 FEB 2017

How can we feed a growing world? Learn how The Good Growth Plan helps growers around the world improve crop efficiency: more at: See how:

01:47 PM – 03 FEB 2017

We’re proud to partner with Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) on the Growing Together Program, which works to improve the livelihoods of 100,000 smallholder farmers in Bangladesh. As a result, 90% of the farmers in the program have achieved 50% higher incomes. Learn more at See how:

03:09 PM – 30 JAN 2017

We’re excited to share our latest flower innovations like our new Mini-Cyclamen and novelty poinsettias at the IPM plant trade show in Essen, Germany this week. Come see our colorful booth in person or below! See how:

11:06 AM – 24 JAN 2017

In case you missed it, we were honored to be included in Science Magazine’s top employer rankings. We were ranked 14th globally and noted for our loyal employees, work culture values and for our social responsibility. Want to join us? Learn how you can start a career with Syngenta See how:

02:33 PM – 16 JAN 2017

The Good Growth Plan consists of six commitments to meet our growing food security challenges sustainably. Take a look back at how far we’ve come as we look forward to building on success. See how:

09:50 AM – 11 JAN 2017

Like to know more?

Looking for more information about how our business and the agricultural industry work? Read our publications, or check our FAQs.

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