Syngenta publishes data to unlock environmental, social and economic value


Basel, Switzerland, April 23, 2015

  • Searchable, useable and shareable data on The Good Growth Plan
  • Open Data Institute collaboration a first for the agriculture industry
  • Encourages 'crowd sourced' solutions to agricultural challenges

Syngenta today published a broad range of data on the six ambitious commitments in The Good Growth Plan with the aim of unlocking environmental, social and economic value.

The data are searchable, useable and shareable via the Internet. They include 2014 baseline information for agricultural efficiency indicators collected on 3,600 farms in 41 countries across Europe, Africa, Latin America, North America and Asia Pacific, representing about 200 crop-climate combinations. It is the first time information at a crop level, including resource efficiency, has been made public in this way by a commercial organization.

Syngenta also announced a collaboration with the Open Data Institute (ODI), an independent, non-profit open data expert. The ODI works with organisations to create economic, environmental, and social value from open data. It helps unlock supply, generate demand, create and disseminate knowledge to address local and global issues.

Mike Mack, CEO of Syngenta, said: "Making these data public will allow people to make their own assessments of the progress of our Good Growth Plan. It is also blurring the traditional roles of business, government and NGOs by highlighting our collective responsibility to address acute global challenges. Above all, the data will be of value to farmers, enabling them to increase productivity sustainably and to enhance their livelihoods."

Syngenta and the ODI will in 2015 hold an "Innovation Workshop" promoting the exchange of ideas, best practices and perspectives on the potential of open data in agriculture. The workshop will explore how crowd sourcing and open data can drive the discovery of innovative and sustainable solutions to agricultural challenges. The workshop will also inform a planned international research challenge from Syngenta.

Jeni Tennison, Deputy CEO and CTO of the Open Data Institute, said: "Open data has the power to solve our most challenging sustainability problems. For example, how can we provide all the world's people with adequate nutrition, whilst protecting our precious natural resources? Agri-tech businesses have a big role to play in finding novel solutions to these problems. It is encouraging that Syngenta is taking a step that puts them at the forefront of the open data movement in their sector. We look forward to working with them to unlock benefits for farmers and consumers worldwide."

Syngenta has standardized the published data and is working with the ODI to create a common language around the collection, measurement and sharing of crop-level information. This will improve understanding of how to best to deliver The Good Growth Plan commitments, which include helping to feed a growing global population by making crops more efficient while rescuing farmland and helping biodiversity flourish.

Syngenta aims to achieve financial standard auditing of The Good Growth Plan data in the near future. In addition to annual data updates, Syngenta plans to share insights on the progress of its six commitments on a regular basis.

You can view the data here and more information on The Good Growth Plan here.

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