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Make crops more efficient

Getting the most out of every hectare

corn cob in hand

Helping corn growers in the US to increase water efficiency

three growers on hill

Superior quality coffee beans, higher yield

elatus field

Better control, higher yield for soybeans

wheat field

High-quality wheat for better pasta production

panorama of a barley field

A step change for barley

Rescue more farmland

Investing in soil health

Climate smart soils

Supporting conservation at the IUCN World Congress

Planting trees to protect the soil

contivo growers on field

A sustainable cropping system for healthier soil

miguel gil

Helping smallholders conserve soil and grow more

minimum tillage russia

Better soil leads to better crops

Help biodiversity flourish

Preserving the land for generations

pollinating bee updated

Partnership for pollinators

field margin biodiversity

Providing food and shelter for pollinating insects

biodiversity in field

Redundant land becomes home to bees and butterflies

growers in biodiversity project

Restoring stream environments

Empower smallholders

Help people stay safe

Spreading the word on safe use

female asian farmers on field

Safe pesticide use in China

safety in field

Encouraging a happy better life

mexico farmer training

Training farmers to stay safe

safe use training

Using crop protection safely

Look after every worker

An advocate for fair labor

fair labor argentina

Taking a stand for fair labor

brazil fair labor

Our commitment to fair labor

fair labor india

Addressing labor standards in India

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