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Better control, higher yield

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How our groundbreaking fungicide solution, ELATUS™, has restored growers' confidence in controlling soybean rust

In Brazil, rainy weather provides ideal conditions for soybean rust, a dangerous fungus that threatens one of the country's most important crops. Growers are on high alert for the emergence of rust spores, which thrive in wet conditions and can spread quickly from farm to farm through the air, traveling up to several kilometers along a destructive path.

Brazil is the world's leading exporter of soybean. In the early 2000s, rust began infecting soybean farms there for the first time. The damage was catastrophic for yields: rust-infected plants developed brownish-red spots, and their leaves withered and fell away if left untreated. Until now, growers confronting this devastating fungus reacted by making more and more applications of fungicides, which were losing efficacy due to resistance. Spraying more often was costly and inefficient as it required more product, more labor and increased fuel costs.

Roughly $20 billion worth of losses have been attributed to soybean rust since it emerged in Brazil in the early 2000s.

A new solution

Last year, we launched a groundbreaking fungicide solution in Brazil called ELATUS™, which has restored growers' confidence that this disease can be controlled successfully. ELATUS™ is a combination of the new active ingredient SOLATENOL™ and AMISTAR® technology. ELATUS™ provides soybean growers with a unique combination of long-lasting control and high performance, even in high disease pressure environments.

As part of The Good Growth Plan, we've committed to improving crop efficiency by 20%, without using more land, water and other inputs. With ELATUS™, soybean growers can improve yield potential by up to 30% compared to standard treatments. Applications last 7-10 days longer compared with existing products. This extra time between sprays gives growers more flexibility in application timing allowing them to manage their crops better and secure yield. ELATUS™ is already sold in Paraguay and Bolivia as well as Brazil.

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Source: EMBRAPA Circular Technica 103; Syngenta analysis

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