Making a big impact on small farms

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Making a big impact on small farms

Our commitment

to empower smallholders

With CJ Corporation, we educate and train smallholders in the Asia-Pacific region

More than 70% of the world's 450 million smallholder farmers are located in the Asia-Pacific region. With limited access to knowledge, tools and opportunities, farmers' yields remain low and without the right skills and resources, they are challenged to progress beyond subsistence agriculture.

We are working with South Korea's CJ Corporation to improve sustainable agriculture across the Asia-Pacific region. Last year, in Gyeongnam province, growers faced a severely cold winter and an unusually early start to spring. But the early warm temperatures brought an attack of downy mildew on the onion crop, stunting sizes and reducing yield. In partnership with CJ Corporation, we worked to train smallholders on how to detect the cause of the mildew and treat it properly. In doing so, growers were able to increase yield by 20%. Additionally, they increased the average size of their onions, making them more marketable and profitable.

vietnam growers showing plant

We also work with pepper growers in Vietnam

Increasing quality and yield, South Korea

Through the partnership with CJ Corporation we will work with a network of smallholder farmers to help educate them on the safe use of agricultural products and responsible production methods to advance food safety standards and improve environmental performance on the farm. In addition, the CJ contracted farmers will be able to bring their high quality products to the market through CJ's food chain subsidiaries.

"Our collaboration with CJ Corporation is part of our ambition to help more farmers across the Asia-Pacific region grow high-yielding and better quality produce in a sustainable way," said Shinohara Toshiaki, Territory Head of North East Asia, Syngenta. Syngenta and CJ Corporation will continue to explore further opportunities to expand their collaboration into other countries across Asia.

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