A sustainable cropping system for healthier soil

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A sustainable cropping system for healthier soil

Our commitment

to rescue more farmland

Conservation tillage increases soil health and fertility, and helps growers achieve higher yields

In Hungary, the combination of record-setting rains and severe droughts had growers looking for ways to protect their soil. Too much rain can wash it away, too little can dry it out, making it more susceptible to erosion during heavy winds and precipitation.

Conventional tilling techniques can compound these factors and contribute to soil compaction, so that water cannot soak into the soil where it is needed.

Conservation tillage techniques

Our CONTIVO® system helps growers adopt conservation tillage techniques that leave at least 30% of the previous year’s crop remnants on the surface before planting.

CONTIVO combines proven conservation tillage practices with innovative seeds technology, suitable equipment and appropriate use of fertilizer and crop protection protocols. The result is to protect soil health while still maintaining high yields.

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