Encouraging a happy better life

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Encouraging a happy better life

Our commitment

to help people stay safe

Training more than 1,480 growers on the safe use of crop protection products, first aid and fair labor practices

In Thailand, the “Happy Better Life” initiative works in partnership with the Fair Labor Association to bring better living standards to growers through education on stewardship and fair labor.

At the heart of the "Happy Better Life" initiative are the “5 Golden Rules” of safe use of crop protection, to help growers stay safe while supporting them to increase crop productivity.

The program’s first training event was held in Plak Koi, Thailand, in August 2013 where 120 corn growers learned best practices for crop protection product handling, storage, transport and management. They were also trained on back-friendly lifting techniques and first aid, which was provided by the local health center. In addition, a Syngenta stewardship expert addressed the topic of label and hazard classification, and an FLA representative discussed child labor.

As of September 2014, roughly 1,480 growers have been trained through the program on fair labor practices, safe use of crop protection products and first aid.

5 golden rules

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