Boosting food security in Guatemala

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Boosting food security in Guatemala

Our commitment

to empower smallholders

The Iidemaya Partnership works to enable smallholder farmers to gain access to technology

Smallholders constitute 92% of farmers in Guatemala and around 15% of the country’s population. However, their productivity is still well below the global average. To increase their productivity and income, Syngenta has partnered with Guatemala’s Research and Development Mayan Institute – Iidemaya – to improve farming practices and yields on smallholder farms of less than one hectare who grow maize and beans. The project specifically focuses on outreach to indigenous Mayan communities to help them achieve higher yields, lower their costs and improve the quality of their crop.

In 2014, Syngenta aims to work with eight Iidemaya Institutes using 60 demonstration fields to increase the living standards of almost 18,000 families.

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