Planting trees to protect the soil

Planting trees to protect the soil

rescue more farmland

Rescue more farmland

Our partnership with Trees Forever is helping us rescue more farmland

Trees and woody vegetation do good things for agricultural land. They reduce soil erosion and provide habitat for pollinators. When planted along waterways as riparian buffers, they reduce run-off of nutrients and soil sediment in-stream. That’s why in the United States, we support Trees Forever, a project that for 20 years has been working to plant trees and shrubs alongside agricultural land.

This non-profit organization has a simple aim: to plant and care for trees and the environment across the US states of Iowa and Illinois. Our partnership with Trees Forever has already helped plant 1.8 million trees and shrubs. Together, we’re on track to hit 2 million trees by 2017. It’s evidence of the value we place on supporting on-the-ground efforts to improve water quality, provide diverse wildlife habitat, and make our rural communities healthy and vital.

Partnerships with organizations like Trees Forever are also enabling us to meet the targets of our Good
Growth Plan
, in particular, to rescue farmland from degradation and enhance biodiversity. In 2015 alone, the program enabled us to add more than 3,500 hectares toward our target for land impacted by soil conservation techniques. Our goal is to rescue 10 million hectares of land from the brink of degradation by 2020.

"Thanks to this loyal support, Trees Forever has the staff to work with landowners and encourage projects that reduce erosion, improve water quality, provide road screening and support pollinator habitat conservation."


- Carole Teator, Director of Programs at Trees Forever



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