Empower smallholders

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Empower smallholders

Our commitment: to reach 20 million smallholders and enable them to increase productivity by 50%

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The challenge

Most of the world’s farmers are smallholders on less than two hectares of land. For many, the financial risks are high and the returns are low. With more than 2.5 billion people depending on agriculture for their livelihoods1, it’s crucial that we help farming communities prosper.

More and more farmers leave their land in hope of a better life in the cities

Migration from rural areas to cities3, 1910-2050

Roughly 180,000 people leave rural communities every day to live in cities2, but smallholder farmers are critical to producing the food for a growing population. If farming is not a viable career for young people – who will grow our food?

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Our commitment

To empower smallholders

smallholder tractor

We help smallholders prosper by providing tools and training that make agriculture more productive, efficient and profitable. Training on new technology and farming practices helps smallholders improve their yield and access to market. Through our reach, we help restore and maintain vibrant rural communities and enable farmers to progress beyond subsistence agriculture.

Taking action

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How are we doing?

frijolnica smallholders

Harvesting beyond subsistence

FRIJOLNICA™ trains smallholders in Nicaragua on how to improve yields through better farm practices, such as the use of crop protection products and better soil management.



2UN ESA data on urban and rural populations

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