Look after every worker

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Look after every worker

Our commitment: to strive for fair labor conditions throughout our entire supply chain

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Our work with growers and partners around the world is delivering measurable results.

The challenge

Hours of work. Wages and benefits. Child labor. Discrimination. These are just some of the labor issues that are often part of broader socio-economic problems, particularly in rural areas with high poverty levels and little opportunity for education or employment.

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In agricultural communities, labor conditions can be difficult. Workers spend long hours hand weeding or working with machinery, and too often health and safety lose priority. Often, farm-workers are the farmers’ own families. Even if farmers know about required labor standards, their workers may not. We recognize that poor labor standards can be an issue on contract seed farms, especially in developing countries.

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Our commitment

To strive for fair labor

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We are the first agriculture company to receive accreditation from the Fair Labor Association (FLA) in India, where a majority of our seed supply farms are located. Since 2004, we’ve partnered with the FLA to develop new approaches to address fair labor throughout our supply chain and around the globe. Our work to improve worker conditions continuously improves our compliance programs, which determine if and when worker rights are violated so that they can be rectified according to the Fair Labor Code of Conduct. We encourage our seed suppliers to comply with our standards through intensive training and financial incentives.

Taking action

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Progress - Seed supply farms included in Syngenta Fair Labor Program; 28,361 - 2014; 22,895 - 2013; 17,625 - 2012

How are we doing?

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Leading by Example

To boost her family’s income, Renukamma converted part of her land to seed production for Syngenta. With training and guidance on the Fair Labor Code of Conduct, she is now a trusted employer in her community who motivates others to adopt standards of fair labor and safety measures, including the use of protective equipment and safe storage practices.

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