Make crops more efficient

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Make crops more efficient

Our commitment: to increase the average productivity of the world’s major crops by 20% without using more land, water or inputs

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The challenge

In 1950, a hectare could feed two people. By 2030, it will have to feed five1. But is it possible to grow more food without using more inputs like chemicals and water, and without clearing more land for farming?

We believe it’s not only possible, it’s critical if we’re going to protect our planet for the future.

Nature takes 500 years to replace 25 millimeters of lost soil

To feed its growing population, the world will have to grow more food in the next 50 years than it has produced in the past 10,000. 

To be sustainable, we need to do this while using resources far more efficiently. 

Our commitment

To rescue more farmland

growers in wheat field

Technology and know-how. Together, these will help growers produce more food without using more inputs. Resilient seeds that need less water and chemicals. Crops that work harder for us. Better plowing and planting regimes – just some of the ways we’re making crops more efficient.

Taking action

Explore our stories to see the Good Growth Plan come to life

2 per cent productivity increase

How are we doing?

grano armando wheat

Higher quality wheat for better pasta production

In Italy, we are helping growers produce more, top-quality durum wheat through the value chain project “Grano Armando”, guaranteeing them a higher, more reliable income.

cracked soil rescue farmland

Rescue more farmland



2 Syngenta Our Industry Report 2013

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