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Our Good Growth Plan progress at a glance

How our work with growers and partners around the world is delivering measurable results

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Make crops more efficient

by increasing the average productivity of the world’s major crops by 20% without using more land, water or inputs.

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Progress and achievements

We have created a network of reference and benchmark farms across crops and regions in our key markets. In 2015, we improved statistical precision by increasing the number of reference farms.

Our crop advisers continued to work with reference farmers to optimize the way they use new products and to provide feedback. We share results with farmers, researchers and those seeking to understand how best to save scarce resources. For 2015, the global average productivity increase on reference farms was 2%.

Read more about this commitment in our Annual Report

Progress - 3,598 benchmark & reference farms established

Rescue more farmland

by improving the fertility of 10 million hectares of farmland on the brink of degradation

cracked soil rescue farmland

Progress and achievements

We are continuing to raise awareness of land degradation and to promote soil conservation. In 2015, we carried on building our best soil knowledge and tools – diagnostics, management practices and technologies – into our commercial offers.

We joined with multiple stakeholders to offer farmers a compelling soil conservation proposition, and piloted this approach in Mexico, Hungary and Russia. In 2015, our programs impacted 1.6 million hectares, bringing the cumulative total to 2.4 million hectares.

Read more about this commitment in our Annual Report

Progress - 800,000 hectares of farmland impacted

Help biodiversity flourish

by enhancing biodiversity on 5 million hectares of farmland

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Progress and achievements

Biodiversity is damaged as species’ habitats are lost or fragmented. Planting multifunctional field margins on less productive farmland supports wildlife, and helps to prevent soil erosion and protect waterways.

Biodiversity conservation has now been integrated into our customer loyalty programs. We have created new demonstration plots with universities and local groups. And we forged a breakthrough partnership with the largest potato grower in the US. In 2015, the cumulative total of hectares impacted reached 1.6 million.

Read more about this commitment in our Annual Report

Progress - 700,000 hectares of farmland impacted

Empower smallholders

by reaching 20 million smallholders and enabling them to increase productivity by 50%

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Progress and achievements

In 2015, we increased the number of smallholders reached to 17.2 million. Working with partners, and reaching out through our sales teams, we aim to raise smallholders’ productivity and earnings sustainably.

We also began measuring the benefits of our programs to local communities through social impact assessments. An independent assessment by CIMS found that growers in our Nicaraguan FRIJOLNICATM program achieved double the national average kidney and black bean yield. We are now carrying out similar assessments in China, India and Mexico.

Read more about this commitment in our Annual Report

Progress - 15.3 million smallholders reached

Help people stay safe

by training 20 million farm workers on labor safety, especially in developing countries

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Progress and achievements

In 2015, we reached 5.7 million people – more than 72% of them smallholders – through dedicated safety training programs, or through safe use briefings linked to commercial activities. The cumulative total of people reached exceeds 10 million.

We developed new guidelines and tools in six languages that enable our own sales and stewardship teams to plan and implement training consistently. And we rolled out new train-the-trainer protocols with a focus on the quality of training and making a lasting impact.

Read more about this commitment in our Annual Report

Progress - 4.7 million people trained

Look after every worker

by striving for fair labor conditions throughout our entire supply chain network

fair labor seed farm

Progress and achievements

In 2015, we became the first agriculture company to receive Fair Labor Association accreditation, for our program in India.

By the end of the year, our Fair Labor Program covered more than 27,000 seed suppliers in Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe and Latin America – 84% of our seed supply chain.We also made significant progress towards GLOBALG.A.P./GRASP sustainability certification for our flower seed production sites.

Read more about this commitment in our Annual Report

Progress - Seed supply farms included in Syngenta Fair Labor Program: 2014 - 28,361; 2013 - 22,895; 2012 - 17,625

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