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The Good Growth Plan Progress Data

Since we launched The Good Growth Plan, we’ve established a solid foundation for reporting on progress that relies on independent data collection and validation, assurance by 3rd party assurance providers, and endorsement through our implementing partners. We publish our data to be transparent, accountable, and engage with our stakeholders in a different, new kind of dialogue.

Each year, we‘ll report our progress on all six commitments and provide detailed data and definitions in accordance with the best data practices. In this way you can track and verify our dedication to doing business responsibly based on real evidence.

How to use our data

We use different Creative Commons licenses when we publish our data, for example NonCommerical-NoDerivatives, or Attribution-ShareAlike, an open data license. When using our data, please check the specific license and the conditions that apply.

When you use our data you must acknowledge the copyright and the source of the data and make sure you do not misrepresent the data and its source. If you share our work, please include the following attribution statement: The Good Growth Plan Progress Data – [Dataset] 2014.

You may not use the data in any way that suggests The Good Growth Plan or Syngenta endorses you and your use of the data.

What's happening next?

We will develop and improve this site and its content in the years to come. We will review the licenses used, make every effort to keep the data current, and correct errors that are brought to our attention. We also aim to integrate and link our data using semantic web and open data standards.

The Open Data Institute (ODI) is working with us to help build our skills and capabilities in open data. We recognize how important it is that our data is of excellent quality and that everything we publish keeps personal information private. The ODI is helping us to apply a set of standards to our data that, in time, mean everything we release as open data comes with a best-practice guarantee.

These practices include, for example:

  • Stating conditions of ownership, licensing and re-use
  • Providing data in a harmonized and structured format
  • Using metadata and controlled vocabularies
  • Providing documentation and support channels for feedback and questions

Contact us

By publishing our data, we want to engage in a new form of dialogue with you. To provide us with your feedback, communicate errors you have found, and if you want to ask questions about the data and its uses or access earlier versions of published files, please get in touch with us at

No Warranty

The data provided is licensed 'as is' and Syngenta excludes all representations, warranties, obligations and liabilities in relation to the data to the maximum extent permitted by law. 
Syngenta is not liable for any errors or omissions in the data and shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damage of any kind caused by its use. Syngenta does not guarantee the continued supply of the data nor, once the data is downloaded, its timeliness.

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