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At Syngenta we offer five distinct graduate programs and as well as internships. Our graduate programs are designed for recent university graduates with a bachelor's or master’s degree, and in some programs we require relevant work experience. Locations, entrance requirements and application dates will differ by program, so we encourage you to read the various online job postings and return to our site on a regular basis to find the program most suited to you. 

Internships are specific to the country in which they are offered and will vary in location, duration and entrance requirements.  You are encouraged to return to the Syngenta site to search and apply for internships as they are posted at various times during the year.

Graduate programs:

  1. Finance Management Program: A program for graduates who want to pursue a career in finance. 

  2. Grow in Syngenta – HR Program: A career launch-pad for those HR practitioners with three to five years of work experience in a global organisation.   Apply online

  3. Grow in Syngenta – MBA Program: An accelerated development program suitable for graduates who have several years of work experience in their chosen field and will soon complete, or have recently completed, an MBA.  

  4. Information Services Program: An attractive program for graduates from an IT and technical background.

  5. Production and Supply Program: A program for recent graduates with an interest in supply chain management, engineering or agronomy. Apply now for the 2018 program in North America

Thought for Food

Thought for Food (TFF) is an initiative to inspire university students to tackle the global challenge of feeding nine billion people through the development of breakthrough solutions. Driven by innovation, TFF runs an annual competition to empower university students from around the world and all fields of study to learn more about the complex challenges surrounding food security and to channel their creativity and ideas towards developing new ventures that make a difference. Along the way, the students are supported through:

  • Mentorship from world-class leaders in food and agriculture
  • The TFF design Lab for the development of design thinking skills
  • Practical experience in developing business plans, presentations and strategies development

Ten finalist teams will win an all-expenses-paid trip to the TFF Global Summit from a chance to present their idea and earn up to $15,000 in seed investments.

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