How we do it

How we do it

 At the heart of our business are innovation, ethical operations and a collaborative mindset. 

Our research and development leads the agricultural industry: we spend US$1.4bn a year on R&D and regularly bring new products to market, even though this can take up to 13 years. 

Our Corporate Responsibility performance – in areas including environment, labor practices, and human rights – adheres to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which helps businesses communicate their impact on sustainability issues. 

Collaboration is essential to our innovation. We work in partnership with academia, NGOs and other agricultural businesses, and we encourage innovators to reach out to us through our thoughtseeders® platform.


insects on a plant

The focus of our innovation

How we make new products

Agriculture is one of the most regulated sectors of the world economy. Bringing a new crop protection product or seed to market is a long, complex process, ensuring safety for people and the environment. 

farmers field stakeholder engagement

How we listen to our stakeholders

Join the conversation about the future of agriculture



How well do you know the 5 Golden Rules of safe use of crop protection? We train smallholders in Bangladesh on safe use as part of our farm visits: See how:

01:07 PM – 17 AUG 2017

#Agfact: 1 kg of roasted #coffee requires 4,000 – 5,000 coffee beans ☕. This month, we're sharing facts on coffee as part of our 12 Months of #Agfacts campaign, which highlights crops important to our business. Share and like if you're a fan of coffee! See how:

10:59 AM – 15 AUG 2017

Ever wonder what the story is behind your cup of#coffee? Our fun stop-motion video explains! ☕        See how:

11:15 AM – 11 AUG 2017

How can we accelerate progress in Africa on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal to end hunger? Join #Together4SDG2 tweetchat on August 28th at 15:00 CET. We’ll be discussing how public/private partnerships can empower smallholders to increase their yields. See how:

08:12 AM – 08 AUG 2017

Our annual Summer Party at our Basel headquarters is a great way for colleagues and their families to celebrate summer together. Enjoy a short video of this year’s fun-filled event! See how:

03:49 PM – 03 AUG 2017

#Agfact: China produces 55% of the world’s apples, 77% of the world’s pears and 44% of the world’s table grapes See how:

12:35 PM – 31 JUL 2017

Meet just a few of the growers who are helping us increase the sustainability of #agriculture through our #GoodGrowthPlan. See what we’ve achieved by working together: See how:

01:20 PM – 28 JUL 2017

#Agfact: Without fungicides, yields of most fruits and vegetables would fallby 50–90%, which is why our work makes a difference: See how:

04:38 PM – 27 JUL 2017

Our colleagues around the world are celebrating our 150 years in vegetable seeds! Our legacy company, Sluis & Groot, was founded in 1867 in the Netherlands as exporters of cabbage seeds. Today, we’re one of the world’s leading companies in vegetable seeds. Learn more about our vegetable business and our other key crops: See how:

01:04 PM – 26 JUL 2017

How much do you know about bananas? 12 months of #agfacts See how:

11:24 AM – 24 JUL 2017

Like to know more?

Looking for more information about how our business and the agricultural industry work? Read our publications, or check our FAQs.

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