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Corporate Responsibility Governance

Corporate Responsibility is integral to our business. Our ambition is to bring greater food security to an increasingly populous world in an environmentally sustainable way by creating a worldwide step change in farm productivity.

The Good Growth Plan sets specific, ambitious and measurable targets focused on boosting resource efficiency, rejuvenating ecosystems and strengthening rural communities. We are also committed to developing our people, reducing our environmental footprint, enhancing our social engagement, raising supply chain sustainability and doing business responsibly. Syngenta is guided by the conviction that short-, medium- and long term value creation depends on successfully integrating business, social and environmental performance.

Our Board-level Corporate Responsibility Committee, chaired by the Syngenta Chairman, acts as the custodian on all Corporate Responsibility matters for Syngenta. At senior executive level, the Syngenta Executive Committee  directs Corporate Responsibility-related standards, strategy, objectives and partnerships, and the Compliance and Risk Management Committee reviews and advises on non-financial reporting and the effectiveness of implementation of internal policies.

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Stakeholder engagement

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