Sustainable operations

Sustainable operations

Syngenta is a global company and our operations span a variety of functions and working environments. To ensure the ongoing success of our business, we need these diverse operations to work together seamlessly. From product development to on-farm stewardship, Syngenta is committed to excellence across all our operations.

Our Production and Supply strategy aims to support growth and enable us to deliver innovation to growers with scale and agility. Since 2014, we have been accelerating its implementation to drive profitable growth. As an integral part of this strategy, our Production and Supply team has intensified its focus on the sustainability of our operations. Just as The Good Growth Plan seeks to increase the sustainability of our offers in the field by 2020, this work aims to secure the long-term viability of our own activities. It is based on rigorous analysis over a period of some 18 months, considering our business sustainability in its broadest sense – economic and social as well as environmental.

In planning our activities, we review economic factors – the investment in new and upgraded capacity, and the effective management of input costs – that secure our ability to meet future market needs efficiently and profitably. We consider social factors: the way we protect and care for our own people, and the way we earn the support of our neighboring communities. And finally, we look at environmental factors: as our business evolves, we are refocusing our efforts to reduce our impact – applying deeper analysis and understanding of our emissions and use of resources. Our suppliers are an essential, and growing, part of the way we create value. So we are involving them directly and explicitly in our sustainability efforts as part of our partnership with them.

HSE Management

The Syngenta purpose and values and Code of Conduct give a clear statement of our commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE). As a leading global company committed to sustainable agriculture, we have a responsibility to protect the environment, and to ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers and the communities in which we operate. Our HSE performance also plays a key part in developing and protecting our reputation with all our stakeholders.

HSE Management

Strong HSE practices are central to the way we operate and meeting the Syngenta HSE Standards is therefore a core responsibility of every leader in our company. However, we can only fully achieve a safe and healthy working environment throughout our company if every employee, in every location, also takes personal responsibility for meeting our HSE Standards.

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HSE Strategy

HSE Strategy

Syngenta has a robust HSE strategy, which focuses on:

  • Achieve leading performance in HSE
  • Providing industry leading policies and management systems
  • Maintaining the highest standards in process safety and manufacturing
  • Driving improvements in the HSE performance of key suppliers
  • Maintaining highly efficient HSE risk performance processes
  • Controlling liabilities through proactive management using third party guidelines
  • Managing external expectations by integrating high standards in both performance and reporting

Policy and standards

Everyone is responsible for their own health and safety at Syngenta, and we have a Group HSE Policy and Standards document to guide them. The Policy outlines our expectation that employees will take responsible management into consideration in all their activities, from product development to use and beyond.

Our production sites are audited regularly to monitor HSE management and performance. We also conduct HSE risk assessments of our suppliers.

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