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Innovating for growers

How we bring technology to growers

It takes a long time, and much effort and expertise, to get a seed or a crop protection product to market. 
When we’re solving our growers’ long-term needs, we’re drawing on the collective experience and knowledge of 5,000 R&D employees  and others all over the world. 
Our culture of scientific excellence is coupled with a collaborative approach. We are a partner in 500 R&D collaborations with universities, research institutes and commercial organizations.

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$1.4bn R&D investment

Leading research

What research are we doing?

We work with growers to understand their problems and challenges so that we can use innovation to help solve them.  

Our research approach harnesses new and existing technologies in weed, insect, and disease control – and in emerging opportunities. 

These include control of nematodes – parasitic, microscopic, threadlike roundworms that inhabit the soil and feed on crop root systems causing root damage and yield loss.; abiotic stresses – drought, heat, and cold; and improved crop yield and quality.

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Regulatory compliance

Working with regulators all over the world

All aspects of the production of food are regulated. National and EU agencies and governments monitor food safety on a continual basis.

The commercial launch of a crop protection product takes between 8 and 10 years and costs around $260 million, and new biotechnology usually takes even longer. The testing is exhaustive, as is the regulatory work.

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Focus on safety

Safety in research for sustainable products

We keep the health and safety of people and the environment at the forefront our work. 

Our human safety assessments address potential risks to users of the product and the consumers of food and feed. And our environmental safety programs ensure the product won’t adversely affect soil, water, air, flora or fauna.


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Collaborate with us

Do you have an innovative idea that could help feed more than 9 billion people by 2050 – and beyond?  We are always looking for partners to work with us.


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Our breeding technology is open to all

Are you working in plant breeding? We offer access to our traits – plants with modified characteristics – through e-licensing under clear, transparent terms. 

Once registered, you’ll be able to access proprietary technologies.


A new paradigm in biocontrol 

One of our exciting next generation bio-controls is based on RNA. RNA-based biocontrols are a new technology that could bring significant benefits to farmers and the environment. 

We are the first agrichemical company to share RNA-based biocontrols research as open data in order to engage in a new type of dialogue with scientists and researchers.  



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