Regulation in agriculture

Regulation in agriculture

Regulation of crop protection products

All aspects of the crop protection industry are regulated – production, manufacturing, distribution and usage instructions. Products are comprehensively tested and evaluated before being approved for registration and sale.

To register a product for use in a specific country we must demonstrate it meets the regulatory standards of that country, that it is safe for workers to use, and that it has no adverse effects on the environment, crops, or the food that will eventually be produced.

Generally, more than 100 studies are needed. Regulatory authorities evaluate our data over two to four years.

Crop protection

Regulation of biotech crops and seeds

All genetically modified (GM) crops are exhaustively assessed for safety to humans, animals and the environment before receiving regulatory approval for use in a specific country. In some countries, approvals are time limited and must be renewed periodically. Regulations can vary widely and are subject to change, and the scope of data required for approval continues to increase.

13 years to develop a new GM trait

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