Safety in innovation

Protecting people and the environment

We work in crop protection, seeds and biotechnology. Each of our products undergoes extensive trials to receive regulatory approval, and research data is evaluated by independent authorities.

Approximately 30 % of the cost of a new active ingredient is spent on product safety1, and agricultural biotech products are the most stringently tested food products on the market.

New seed varieties

We develop new seed varieties so that farmers can grow crops with desirable characteristics, such as improved vigor, drought resistance or inbuilt protection from pests. Many of these require genetic modification or complex methods to make traditional breeding more effective.

We implement stringent safety measures that ensure the safety of our employees, our customers and the environment based on a quality management system modeled on the ISO 9001 standard.

13 years for gm trait

New crop products

Human safety and environmental impacts are two of our three key criteria for deciding which crop protection products to take forward from initial research. The third is economic benefits to the farmer.

We look at detailed information on how chemicals degrade in plants, soil and water, as well as their distribution and speed of movement in the environment. One third of the entire R&D budget  goes  into evaluating the environmental and human safety of crop protection products.


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