Debt portfolio

Debt portfolio

Syngenta has established different Programs / Facilities in order to adequately cover the Group's long-term funding requirements as well as the expected fluctuations in working capital.

Debt Capital Market Programs

USD 2'500'000'000 Global Commercial Paper Program

USD 5'000'000'000 European Medium Term Notes (EMTN) Program

Base Prospectus dated March 21, 2014 and listed at the Luxembourg Stock Exchange

Committed Credit Facility

In November 2012 Syngenta negotiated a US$1.5 billion committed, revolving, multi-currency, syndicated credit facility. In 2014, the credit facility was extended by one year and will now mature in 2019. The Credit Facility provides for fixed interest rate, multi-currency short-term borrowings, with the interest rate based on LIBOR.

In January 2016, the terms of Syngenta’s $1.5 billion committed, revolving, multi-currency syndicated credit facility were amended to enable Syngenta to establish an additional $1 billion committed, syndicated facility. This additional facility was established in January 2016 and expires in 2019.

Current Debt Capital Market Issuances

Instrument Size Coupon Maturity Documentation
Eurobond € 250m 3m Euribor +25bps Oct 2017 EMTN
Swiss Domestic Bonds CHF 350m 0.75% Nov 2019 EMTN
Private Placement Notes US$ 75m 5.11% Dec 2020 Note Purchase Agreement
Eurobond € 500m 1.875% Nov 2021 EMTN
US$ Notes US$ 500m 3.125% Mar 2022 US Shelf
Swiss Domestic Bonds CHF 250m 1.625% Nov 2024 EMTN
Private Placement Notes US$ 75m 5.35% Dec 2025 Note Purchase Agreement
Eurobond € 500m 1.25% Sept 2027 EMTN
Swiss Domestic Bonds CHF 150m 2.125% Nov 2029 EMTN
Private Placement Notes US$ 100m 5.59% Dec 2035 Note Purchase Agreement
US$ Notes US$ 250m 4.375% Mar 2042 US Shelf

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