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Strong financial record since creation in 2000

Since its creation in 2000, Syngenta has delivered a strong financial performance, illustrated by an annual shareholder return of 13 percent. Since 2013, low crop prices and currency volatility have created a more challenging market environment. Syngenta responded early by launching an Accelerating Operational Leverage program which will deliver its first cost savings in 2015. At the same time, the company continues to target above market growth supported by sustained investment in Research and Development.

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CFROI(2000-2014 average):11%; Total Shareholder Return(2000-2014 CAGR %):13%; Dividend(2001-2014 CAGR):27%

Sales CAGR: +7%; Earnings CAGR: +18%

A company uniquely positioned to capture future growth opportunities in agriculture

  • A leading portfolio of products: Syngenta is the world market leader in crop protection, the third largest seed company and a leading innovator in biotechnology. It is the only player in the industry with such scale and breadth of operations.

  • A unique global footprint: Syngenta has invested in developing a strong presence in emerging markets which will be the primary growth engine of the next decades. These markets now represent over 50 percent of group sales, with tailored offers that meet local grower needs.

  • Leveraging scale: through its industry leading R&D platforms and sales force, together with efficient global supply operations, Syngenta offers innovative products and solutions that deliver value to growers around the world.

  • A crop-focused strategy:we understand grower’s needs and focus on delivering innovative solutions across a broad range of crops. In 2011, Syngenta was the first company in the industry to adopt an integrated business model bringing together crop protection, seeds and traits

  • Developing solutions that help ensure the sustainable development of agriculture: Feeding a growing world population while conserving limited natural resources is fundamental to our business. Syngenta has, for many years, driven initiatives to promote sustainable agriculture, such as Operation Pollinator. In 2014, Syngenta launched a transformational program based on six ambitious and measurable commitments for 2020. The details of the plan and the progress of the actions implemented can be accessed at goodgrowthplan.com
2015 Syngenta sales by region

+12% CAGR

Innovation - new launches and lifecycle management

Innovation - new launches and lifecycle management

Financial objectives

Syngenta aims to accelerate shareholder value creation by improving profitability and delivering significant cash return to shareholders. The company aims to maintain CROI in excess of 12% and to deliver above market growth

Improving profitability

In 2014, Syngenta set the objective of significantly improve its operating profitability in order to achieve an EBITDA to sales ratio of 24% to 26% in 2018.

In support of this target, Syngenta launched an Accelerating Operational Leverage program that spans across all functions in the company (R&D, Commercial and Global operations) and focuses on creating cost leverage through the scale of our operations. This program targets adding $1 billion to EBITDA and releasing $600 million of working capital in 2018.

Delivering significant cash return to shareholders

Since its creation in 2000, Syngenta has delivered a strong financial performance, illustrated by an average CFROI of 13%.

We follow a progressive dividend policy that provides attractive and sustainable long-term returns to our shareholders. 

Earnings and dividend per share progression

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