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Transformation and innovation

Growers need simple and reliable ways to maximize the yields and quality of the plants they grow on their farms.

Our answer is to take a holistic approach and create integrated, tailored solutions. These combine advanced crop protection science, quality seeds delivering higher yields, and agronomic advice based on our deep insights into how growers work.

How we bring technology to growers

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The 8 crops that feed the world

We focus on 8 major crops that make up the majority of global food production: cereals, corn, diverse field crops, rice, soybean, specialty crops, sugar cane and vegetables, plus our Lawn and Garden portfolio.

Our experience in crops is unmatched: in bioscience, breeding and chemistry, and across geographies and climate zones worldwide. This enhances our ability to innovate in transferring technologies between crops.

Why is wheat so important? How much rice does the world need?

make crops more efficient

The Good Growth Plan

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Why do we need crop protection?

Controlling weeds, insects and plant diseases

Today’s crop protection solutions are herbicides, for controlling weeds; insecticides, for controlling insects; and fungicides, to control disease. Our solutions also include Seedcare technology which provides a foundation for strong and healthy growth.

Our products have increased food security for many years but there are always new challenges, such as changing climate conditions and resistance. We try to anticipate these and are constantly seeking innovative solutions.   

Seeds for food security

Our advanced seed science enables us to offer seeds that produce greater yields, increasing farmers’ revenues and making investment worthwhile.

Through techniques such as breeding hybrid varieties and genetically modifying plants, we produce seeds that grow more uniform and vigorous crops, with increased resistance to stress, disease and insects.

Our research and development pipeline is constantly bringing forward new and exciting seeds. We are working on hybrid wheat, which would revolutionize the world’s largest crop.

What difference do high-quality seeds make?

Supporting growers with agronomic services

We use our expertise and knowledge to help growers move towards sustainable industrial production.  We also focus on smallholders, who have the greatest potential to increase production.

At the same time, we support them with activities that strengthen rural communities and improve lives, such as fair labor conditions.

The Good Growth Plan

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