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Growers in more than 90 countries around the world trust Syngenta branded products to help them grow strong and healthy plants.  Here you will find descriptions of many of our major brands.  If you’re looking for products that are available in your country – or want to find label or MSDS information – you can find the relevant country website in the Contacts section.

Product table

Brands Product Name Product Type/ Group Main countries of use Description
acuron ACURON™ Selective herbicides USA, Canada A powerful pre/early post emergence herbicide that controls over 70 broadleaf weeds and grasses in corn. It combines three modes of action and four active ingredients, one of which is bicyclopyrone.
APIRO® Selective herbicides. S.Korea, Japan A herbicide for consistent control of annual grasses in paddy rice, with the flexibility to apply from pre-emergence up to the 3-leaf stage.
axial AXIAL™ Selective herbicides Canada, France, USA, Spain, Germany, Australia, UK, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Argentina, Poland, Italy, China AXIAL™, advancing to new confidence; a post-emergence herbicide with excellent crop safety in all cereals, flexibility in use and a broad grass spectrum.
banvel BANVEL® / CADENCE® Selective herbicides Argentina, Canada France, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Spain A well-established product for perennial broad-leaf weed control, primarily in corn and cereals, and also turf, pasture and non-crop land.

Additional brands: CADENCE® (dry formulation)
beacon BEACON® Selective herbicides USA A highly selective herbicide to control key annual broad-leaf weeds and perennial grasses in corn and grass seed production.
bicep-ll-magnum BICEP II MAGNUM® Selective herbicides USA, Brazil, Australia, Hungary, Spain BICEP II MAGNUM® is a strong, longer lasting corn herbicide for broad-spectrum weed control with unequalled crop safety.

Additional brands: PRIMEXTRA® GOLD
boxer BOXER Selective herbicides Australia, France, UK, Japan, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Poland , Chile A pre-emergence or early post-emergence herbicide for the control of grass and broad-leaved weeds in winter cereals and potatoes.

Additional brands: DEFI®/ DEFY®
calaris CALARIS® Selective herbicides Belgium, Netherland, United Kingdom, Germany, China, Indonesia CALARIS® is a post emergence corn herbicide which delivers the simplest and most complete control of annual broadleaf weeds plus Echinochloa and Digitaria.
callisto CALLISTO® Selective herbicides US, Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia, South Africa, CALLISTO® is the leading herbicide corn for consistent performance, superior residual activity and ultimate flexibility in control of broad-leaved weeds.
camix CAMIX™ Selective herbicides USA, France, Spain CAMIX™ is a unique broad spectrum, broadleaf and grass weed corn herbicide, for use pre-emergence to early post-emergence, which provides:

- Flexibility of use without restrictions
- Unmatched safety to crop and land
- Control of all herbicide resistant weeds
captora CAPTORA® Selective herbicides Russia, Ukraine Broad spectrum post-emergence herbicide controlling broad-leaf weeds, grass weeds and broomrape for use in Clearfield herbicide tolerant Sunflowers.
colzor-trio COLZOR® TRIO Selective herbicides France, Germany, Poland, Switzerland Specifically designed for oilseed rape, is the pre-emergence herbicide with the broadest spectrum on the market.
casper CASPER® Selective herbicides France, Germany, Hungary, Italy Broad spectrum post emergence solution for difficult to control broadleaf weeds, including perennials, in corn.
dual-gold DUAL® GOLD® Selective herbicides USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, China, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, South Africa, France, Germany A highly active, reduced rate product providing season long grass control in corn and soybean.
Additional Brands: DUAL II MAGNUM®
envoke ENVOKE™ Selective herbicides Brazil, Argentina, Australia, USA A unique new tool for herbicide programs in cotton, offering a high degree of strength, flexibility and choice to the grower.
elumis ELUMIS® Selective herbicides France, Germany, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine ELUMIS® is a modern and convenient solution to manage grasses and broadleaf weeds in post emergence in corn.
FLEX / REFLEX® Selective herbicides Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, US A highly selective product for the control of broad-leaved weeds in soybeans, dry beans and peas.
flexstar FLEXSTAR® Selective herbicides US For Control of certain weeds in Cotton and Soybeans that are difficult to control with glyphosate alone or are resistant to glyphosate and ALS-inhibitors.
fusiflex FUSIFLEX® Selective herbicides Brazil Selective herbicide for post emergent use in soybeans.
prefix PREFIX®/ EDDUS® Selective herbicides US, Argentina Selective herbicide for the control of certain grass and broadleaf weeds in soybeans.
fusilade FUSILADE® Selective herbicides USA, Brazil, Mexico, France, Germany, Greece, Spain, China, Russia FUSILADE® is a selective, systemic, post-emergence herbicide for control of both annual and perennial grasses in soybeans, oilseed rape, sunflower, sugar beet and many speciality crops.
gesagard GESAGARD® Selective herbicides Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Bulgaria, Greece For use in cotton, sunflowers and vegetable crops, GESAGARD® provides effective control both pre- and post-emergence of a wide range of annual broad-leaf and grass weeds.
gesapax GESAPAX® Selective herbicides Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, Australia, S.Africa, Thailand With flexibility for pre- or post-emergence applications and good residual activity, GESAPAX® is ideally suited for use in sugarcane, bananas and pineapples.
gesaprim GESAPRIM® /AATREX® Selective herbicides USA, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Australia, Thailand, Japan, S.Africa GESAPRIM® offers broad-spectrum control of weeds and grasses from pre-plant to early post-emergence.
krismat KRISMAT™ Selective herbicides Brazil, Colombia A broad-spectrum, post-emergence herbicide setting a new standard for weed control in sugarcane.

LENTAGRAN® Selective herbicides Germany, UK, Czech Republic A highly selective herbicide to control annual broad-leaf weeds, including triazine and sulfonylurea resistant weeds, in corn, sweet corn and some vegetable crops.
listego LISTEGO® Selective herbicides Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, France, Spain, Italy Broad spectrum post-emergence herbicide controlling broad-leaf weeds, grass weeds and broomrape for use in Clearfield herbicide tolerant Sunflowers.
logran LOGRAN® Selective herbicides USA, Poland, Hungary, Australia, Germany, Pakistan, Spain With excellent selectivity in all cereal crops, this product delivers a broad spectrum against broadleaf and grass weeds.
lumax LUMAX™ Selective herbicides USA, Italy, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, China A breakthrough, one-pass solution for corn, which offers new standards of crop safety and meets the challenge of season-long control of broadleaf weeds and grasses.
milagro MILAGRO® Selective herbicides Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Netherlands MILAGRO® offers reliable control of annual and perennial grasses in corn. It is a perfect partner for post-emergence broad-leaf weed control herbicides.
northstar NORTHSTAR® Selective herbicides USA A twin-action corn herbicide for consistent control of a broad range of grass and broadleaf weeds in corn.

ORDRAM® Selective herbicides USA, China, Turkey ORDRAM® offers growers full flexibility to control grasses, in particular Echinochloa species, in rice. It can be applied pre-planting, pre-emergence or post-emergence.
peak PEAK® Selective herbicides USA, Argentina, Canada, Germany, France, , Italy A post-emergence herbicide with residual activity for the control of a broad spectrum of annual broadleaf weeds in corn, sorghum and cereals.
rifit RIFIT® Selective herbicides India, Bangladesh, S.Korea, Japan A pre- and early post-emergence herbicide that offers effective control of annual grasses, some sedges and broadleaf weeds in transplanted and dry-sown flooded rice.

SETOFF® Selective herbicides Spain SETOFF® offers post-emergence control of most annual and perennial broadleaved weeds and sedges in transplanted and direct-seeded rice grown under tropical or temperate climatic conditions.
suprend SUPREND™ Selective herbicides USA SUPREND™ has been specifically designed for cotton. It combines superior crop safety with broad-spectrum weed control, including the difficult-to-control cotton weeds. The ready-mix formulation of SUPREND gives cotton growers greater convenience and ease of use.
topik TOPIK® / DISCOVER® / HORIZON® Selective herbicides Canada, Brazil, USA, China, Mexico, Pakistan, India, Spain, Australia, UK, Ethiopia TOPIK® offers excellent efficacy on most grass weeds worldwide in wheat.
gramoxone GRAMOXONE® Non-Selective herbicides USA, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia GRAMOXONE® is a unique, fast acting, non-selective, contact herbicide with many varied uses in a wide variety of crops.
touchdown TOUCHDOWN® Non-Selective herbicides USA, Brazil, Canada, Spain, Japan, Italy Through the integration of unique IQ technology, new TOUCHDOWN® is the most innovative solution available today for controlling broad leaf weeds and grasses.

Additional brands: SULFOSATO TOUCHDOWN®/ ZAPP®
reglone REGLONE® Non-Selective herbicides USA, Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy REGLONE® is the world's best-selling crop desiccant for a large range of crops: potatoes, oil seed crops, pulses.
  ISABION® Crop Enhancement/ Biostimulant Iberia, Russia, China, India Biostimulants are complimentary to crop nutrition and to crop protection as it improves nutrient uptake and nutrient efficiency on one side and crop defense mechanisms on the other. Isabion® is an amino acid and nutrient based biostimulant which enhances crop performance (growth, vigor, yield, quality).
The expected benefits are anti-stress and anti-senescence effect, fertility and reproduction enhancement as well as plant nutrition with macro- and micro-nutrients to achieve yield increase and quality improvement. 
  QUANTIS™ Crop Enhancement/ Biostimulant Brazil Biostimulants are complimentary to crop nutrition and to crop protection as it improves nutrient uptake and nutrient efficiency on one side and crop defense mechanisms on the other. Quantis is a biostimulant with organic carbon, nutrients & amino acids to mitigate drought and heat stress.
Crop Enhancement/ Plant Growth Regulator Germany, France, UK, Poland, USA, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand Trinexapac-methyl reduces internodal growth to give thicker, stronger stems, resulting in reduced lodging (cereals, rice), which translates to  higher yield  under conditions of high lodging risk.
Crop Enhancement USA, South Korea, Brazil, New Zealand, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Turkey Acibenzolar-S-methyl acts as a plant activator that boost the natural defense mechanisms found in most plants.
  AFLA-GUARD® BioFungicide
USA, EU AFLA-GUARD® is based on the competitive, non-toxigenic strain of Aspergillus flavus (NRRL 21882) and is a unique risk management tool for aflatoxin contamination in corn and peanuts.
  SAKALIA® BioFungicide
Turkey, EU SAKALIA® is based on a plant extract from Reynoutria sachalinensis (giant knotweed) and is a fast acting plant defense activator. As part of a full Syngenta fungicide spray program, SAKALIA helps deliver consistent control against various foliar diseases in the high value fruit and vegetable segments.
EU, LAN, LAS TAEGRO® is a broad spectrum microbial biofungicide based on Bacillus amyloliquefaciens (strain FZB24). When TAEGRO is applied as part of an integrated program, it helps secure marketable yield in a variety of high value crops such as fruits and vegetables.
Chile, Mexico, Argentina TIMOREX® GOLD is based on a plant extract from Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree).
This broad spectrum biofungicide has a direct antimicrobial activity based on multiple modes of action. When TIMOREX GOLD is used as part of an integrated program with chemical fungicides, it supports growers’ efforts to secure market access by complying with food chain and certification requirements.
ELATUS™ Fungicide Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Paraguay, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay Products based on the highly active SDHI SOLATENOL™ will be marketed within the global ELATUS™ brand family.

ELATUS™ provides superior, longer-lasting control of soybean rust and ensures sustainable yield. It is, additionally, a broad spectrum product and gives excellent control of Septoria and rusts in cereals and a range of diseases in specialty crops.
ALTO® Fungicide Brazil, Argentina, France, Russia, U.K. Ireland ALTO® is the ideal partner for rust spectrum enhancement.
amistar AMISTAR® Fungicide Brazil, USA, France, Argentina, China, Vietnam, U.K., Germany, Paraguay, Mexico, Canada Japan, Poland, Italy, Thailand, South Africa, Hungary, Ukraine, Inda, Sapin, Scandinavia AMISTAR® Technology (AZT) is a broad spectrum, systemic foliar, seed, soil and post-harvest fungicide and provides consistently good to excellent efficacy and long lasting control. AZT has proven crop enhancement benefits in many crops and it has favorable product safety profile ideally suited for use in IPM programs.
BRAVO® Fungicide France, U.K., Germany, USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Brazil BRAVO® is the world's leading multi-site fungicide, the foundation partner for fungal control programs and fungicide resistance breaker.
Additional Brands: DACONIL®
  MIRAVIS™ Duo Fungicide Argentina
Products based on ADEPIDYN™ (foliar use) will be marketed under the global umbrella brand name MIRAVIS™.

MIRAVIS™ Duo is a combination of ADEPIDYN™ and difenoconazole and is registered for MIRAVIS™ Duo use on soybean for late cycle diseases.
orondis ORONDIS™ Fungicide USA ORONDIS™ is a step change fungicide for oomycete control in vegetables and specialty crops. Based on its unique high performing technology delivering powerful and flexible control, ORONDIS™ is pivotal in the disease management program.
REVUS® Fungicide France, Netherlands, U.K., Germany, Russia, Brazil, Colombia, China, Japan, India REVUS® is world class late blight and downy mildew fungicide for potato, tomato, grapes, fruits and vegetable grower.
ridomil gold RIDOMIL GOLD® Fungicide USA, France, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, U.K. RIDOMIL Gold® is a leading fungicide for control of important diseases caused by the oomycete fungi.
Additional brands: APRON, EPERON, FOLIO GOLD
SCORE® Fungicide Brazil, France, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Colombia, Germany, Italy SCORE® has a yield boosting effect to enhance its superior crop protection.
Additional brands: ARMURE, TASPA, SICO, SPYRALE<
serugis SEGURIS® Fungicide Germany,
UK, China, Netherlands, Poland, Ireland, Chech Rebublic, Ecuador, Turkey
Isopyrazam is SDHI mode of action broad spectrum fungicide. Isopyrazam containing products are used in cereals, OSR, vegetables, bananas and other crops to control important foliar fungal diseases (powdery mildews, rusts, leaf spots, sclerotinia).

Additional brands: BONTIMA, SYMETRA, REFLECT
switch SWITCH® Fungicide Italy, Germany, France, USA, Chile, Spain, Mexico, Australia, Poland, Netherlands, UK, New Zealand, Turkey, Belgium, Switzerland, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea SWITCH® is a broad spectrum fungicide that provides unmatched reliability against botrytis on grapes, fruits and vegetables.

Additional brands:GEOXE, SAPHIR, SAVIOR
tilt TILT® Fungicide USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Argentina TILT® offers superior crop protection combined with a yield boosting effect.

Additional brands: ZENIT, ORBIT, BANNER
unix UNIX® VANGARD Fungicide France, USA, Poland, Japan, Brazil, Russia, Italy, Greece, Turkey, U.K., Hungary, South Korea, Spain Cyprodinil is distinctive chemistry (unique in cereals). Products containing cyprodinil are active against a wide range of difficult to control pathogens (eyespot, net blotch, scab, botrytis) whilst having an excellent safety and environment profile.

Additional products: CHORUS, SWITCH
actara ACTARA® Insecticides
ACTARA® is a second generation neonicotinoid for controlling foliar and soil pests in multiple crops.

Additional brands: ALIKA®, ENGEO®
chess CHESS®/PLENUM® Insecticides Philippines, Mexico, USA, Iran, Japan, Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, France CHESS®/ provides powerful control of aphids and whiteflies (vegetables, potatoes, stone fruits and ornamentals) and of hoppers (rice and mangos).

It delivers immediate crop protection through permanent inhibition of feeding.

Additional brands: PLENUM®/FULFILL®
curacrom CURACRON® Insecticides Pakistan, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Egypt, Colombia, Burkina Faso, USA, Sudan, Japan The foundation product for the control of lepidoptera in cotton and soybean with strong effects against mining and sucking insects as well as mites.The ideal partner for tank-mix or ready-mix with established and new products.
durivo DURIVO® Insecticides Argentina, Brazil, China, France, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Spain, USA, Vietnam DURIVO® is innovation in performance and convenience, providing tailored solutions for lepidoptera, sucking and soil pests in a wide range of crops.

Additional brands: AMPLIGO®/VIRTAKO®
FORCE® Insecticides USA, France, Hungary, Italy The premium-performing corn granular insecticide that provides broad spectrum soil insect control and residue activity, with an excellent user and environmental profile.
insegar INSEGAR® Insecticides France, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Spain, Russia, United Kingdom, Australia Lepidoptera control in fruits and grapes, based on ovicidal activity. Ideally suited for resistance management.
karate zeon KARATE ZEON® Insecticides USA, Germany, Brazil, France, India, Mexico, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Canada, Italy KARATE ZEON® sets a new standard in insecticide technology.
match MATCH® Insecticides Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Venezuela, Spain, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, France MATCH® offers reliable and economic insect control.
NEMATHORIN NEMATHORIN Insecticides United Kingdom, France, Italy, South Africa, Hungary Modern contact nematicide, combining powerful effectiveness with a good environmental profile to minimize impact on non-target organisms.

NEMATHORIN is a Trademark of Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha Ltd.)
primor PIRIMOR® Insecticides Germany, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Poland, Italy, Mexico Selective aphicide for use on a wide range of crops including cereals, fruits, vegetables and potatoes.
polo POLO®/PEGASUS® Insecticides Brazil, Pakistan, Turkey, India Indonesia, Sudan, Malaysia, Cuba, Taiwan, Philippines Excellent whitefly control on cotton and vegetables against mites, aphids and jassids through the control of nymphs and adults.

Additional brands: PEGASUS®
proclaim PROCLAIM® Insecticides Japan, Brazil Australia, South Korea, USA, Taiwan, Mexico, Indonesia, India Israel, Thailand Powerful lepidoptera control in soybean, corn, vegetables and cotton
trigard TRIGARD® Insecticides USA, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Peru, Taiwan The systemic dipterous leafminer specialist product, which is selective towards beneficials. When used in alternation with VERTIMEC®, it provides the ideal resistance management rotation for vegetable leafminer control.
vertimec VERTIMEC® Insecticides USA, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Egypt, France, Spain, Indonesia, Argentina, South Korea The low use rate acaricide/insecticide used for the control of mites and insects on a number of crops including cotton, citrus, pome fruit, nuts, sugar cane and vegetables.
apron xl APRON® XL Seedcare USA, France, Canada, Australia, UK, Hungary, Brazil, Argentina Systemic seed treatment fungicide to control seed and soil-borne diseases such as Pythium spp., Phytophthora spp. and downy mildews on cotton, sunflower, soybeans, peas and many other crops.
avicta AVICTA Seedcare USA, Brazil, Argentina, RSA Seed treatment nematicide, based on abamectin, for use in corn, soybean and cotton.
avicta complete AVICTA® Complete Seedcare USA, Brazil, Argentina, RSA AVICTA® Complete combines AVICTA with CRUISER® seed treatment insecticide to provide growers with holistic, integrated solutions against all dimensions of early-season pests and diseases.

Additional brands: AVICTA® Complete Beans, AVICTA® Complete Cotton, AVICTA® Complete Corn
celest CELEST® Seedcare Germany, UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine Broad-spectrum seed treatment fungicide for cereals based on fludioxonil, a contact fungicide derived from nature with its unique mode of action.

Additional brands: AUSTRAL®, BERET®, LANDOR®
clariva CLARIVA™ Seedcare USA Biological seed treatment nematicide that offers soybean growers revolutionary control of soybean cyst nematode (SCN). Through its active ingredient Pasteuria nishizawae, an obligate parasite of the nematode, CLARIVA pn delivers a direct mode of action that is lethal to SCN.
cruiser CRUISER® Seedcare USA, Canada, Brazil, India, South Africa Neonicotinoid seed treatment insecticide based on thiamethoxam, for use against soil-dwelling and early-season pests in a broad range of crops (corn, sunflower, oilseed rape, sugar beets, soybeans, potatoes, rice and others).

Additional brands: HELIX™
dividend DIVIDEND® Seedcare USA, Canada, Russia, Spain, Brazil, Australia, Argentina Broad-spectrum, local-systemic seed treatment fungicide, based on difenoconazole, used in cereals, soybeans, sweet-corn, cotton, canola and potato – mostly in combination with fludioxonil, metalaxyl-m and/or thiamethoxam.
dynasty DYNASTY™ Seedcare USA, Canada, Australia Broad-spectrum seed treatment fungicide based on the active ingredient azoxystrobin for main use in corn, cotton and peanuts.
far more technology FarMore® Technology Seedcare USA, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Brazil, Germany Technology platform for vegetable seed treatment solutions in which selected products, proprietary application technologies and dedicated services are combined in customized crop ratios.
force FORCE® 20CS Seedcare France, Italy, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Argentina Seed treatment insecticide for control of soil pests in a wide variety of crops.
fortenza duo FORTENZA™ Duo Seedcare Argentina, Canada Next-generation seed treatment insecticide that delivers long-lasting insect control both above and below the ground.
maxim MAXIM® Seedcare USA, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Hungary, China Broad-spectrum seed treatment fungicide based on fludioxonil for potatoes, corn, soybeans, sunflower, vegetables and other crops.
vibrance VIBRANCE® Seedcare Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Cuba, Czech. Republic Dominican Republic, France, Guatemala Italy, Poland, Uruguay, USA First Syngenta molecule developed specifically for seed treatment. In addition to broad spectrum disease control, it offers unique RootingPower™ resulting in stronger, healthier roots for higher crop productivity – right from the start. Worldwide field trials show higher and more consistent yields for all major crops.
  HYVIDO™ Seeds Global site, UKFranceGermany HYVIDO™ is the umbrella brand for Syngenta's hybrid winter barley seed varieties.HYVIDO™ hybrid barley seed technology delivers outstanding barley yield results consistently under all growing conditions, year after year.
 nk NK® Seeds Global site, US, Canada, France, UK Brand for field crops worldwide. NK® brand is a world leader in seed for field crops, ranking third in both corn and oilseeds.
 golden-harvest GOLDEN HARVEST® Seeds US The most innovative corn in the US marketplace, available from Syngenta Seed Advisors.
 hilleshoeg HILLESHÖG® Seeds Global site (includes links to country web sites) HILLESHÖG® is a leading global producer of sugar beet seed.
 agripro AGRIPRO® Seeds AgriPro Cereals seed in the NAFTA region. Syngenta's cereals businesses bring high quality wheat and barley varieties to specific markets.
  C. C. BENOIST® Seeds C. C. Benoist Cereals seed in France. Syngenta's cereals businesses bring high quality wheat and barley varieties to specific markets.
  SYNGENTA® Seeds UK cereal website Cereals seed in the UK. Syngenta's cereals businesses bring high quality wheat and barley varieties to specific markets.
 s-g S&G® and ROGERS® Seeds Global Our Vegetables business operates globally under regional brands such as S&G® and ROGERS®.
 flori-pro-services- FLORIPRO SERVICES® Lawn and Garden EAME FloriPro Services is Syngenta's distribution organisation serving Europe, Africa and the Middle East (EAME). We provide high-quality young plants for indoor plants, bedding plants and perennials, but we also sell seeds and un-rooted cuttings in a broad range of varieties.
 syngenta-flowers- SYNGENTA® FLOWERS Lawn and Garden EAME and USA Fire ant bait
  AWARD® Lawn and Garden USA The leading product for the control of mites and leafminers
  BONZI® Lawn and Garden USA, Canada,Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Israel, Norway, Switzerland, France A plant growth regulator for use on ornamentals
 citation CITATION® Lawn and Garden USA Insect growth regulator effective against dipterous leafminer larvae
  ENDEAVOR™ Lawn and Garden USA Insecticide for aphids and whiteflies, as well as being safe to beneficial insects
 flagship FLAGSHIP™ Lawn and Garden USA A broad spectrum insecticide for control of chewing and sucking insects
 scimitar SCIMITAR® Lawn and Garden USA Insecticide which controls a diverse number of pests in turf and ornamentals with efficacy.
 banner BANNER® MAXX® Lawn and Garden Japan, RSA, Australia A fungicide proving broad-spectrum and systemic control on a range of diseases commonly found on golf courses and turf
 barricade BARRICADE® Lawn and Garden USA, Japan, Canada, South Korea A pre-emergence herbicide for annual grass and broadeaf weeds in turf
 daconil DACONIL®, ULTRA, WEATHER STIK®, ZN FLOWABLE Lawn and Garden USA, Canada, Australia A well known contact fungicide giving broad-spectrum control in turf
 heritage HERITAGE® Lawn and Garden USA, U.K., Japan, Australia A leading fungicide for turf and landscape management
  PRIMO® MAXX® Lawn and Garden Canada, Australia, South Africa, Japan Inhibits the vertical growth of turf
  TRIMMIT® Lawn and Garden USA Provides control of Poa annua infestations within turf
 resolva RESOLVA24H; RESOLVA LAWN, Plant Rescue Lawn and Garden Great Britain Non-selective herbicide; selective herbicide; fungicides and insecticides for consumer use
 maag MAAG™ (ACTARA™, WUXAL™) Lawn and Garden Switzerland Leading brand of control products and fertilizers for consumer use
 axoris AXORIS,RESOLVA, DUAXO, Fazilo Lawn and Garden Europe excluding UK and Switzerland Insecticide, non-selective herbicide, fungicide, insecticide for consumer use
 icon ICON® Vector management Global The ICON® product range consists of high performance insecticides based on lambda cyhalothrin, a pyrethroid that is highly effective at low doses against many insects that vector human diseases. It is highly effective against all mosquitoes that are responsible for malaria and dengue transmission. ICON is also effective against a broad range of other insects that transmit a variety of diseases of medical importance.
 actellic ACTELLIC® Vector management Global ACTELLIC® formulations have been proven to offer highly effective control of Anophelise & Aedes mosquitoe larvae to combat both Malaria and Dengue. Its efficacy is not impacted by the resistance problems that have arisen with DDT or other organo-phosphorus insecticides.

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