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From gardens to golf and a life uninterrupted by pests

We provide products based on leading chemistry for professionals working with turf, ornamentals and landscapes, and in pest management. Our Flowers business is a market-leader, bringing innovative plant products to growers, retailers and gardeners.

Our chemistry solutions, flower offerings and retail partnerships help make our environments more inspiring.

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Flowers, when and where consumers want them

Healthy, attractive flowering plants are an important part of consumers’ lives – to enrich outdoor and indoor areas, and also to celebrate. We serve growers who must deliver millions of top-quality plants, ready to sell to consumers, just in time to meet peak demand. For example, 500 million geranium are delivered by Easter each year for Spring planting.

Syngenta Flowers works with plant genetics and a deep understanding of consumers and markets to deliver plant solutions that fit with modern, busy lives.

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Sustainably produced flowers

Syngenta Flowers produces millions of flowers as seeds, cuttings and young plants at our network of farms worldwide. Our operations and those of our suppliers are being certified as responsible and sustainable by GLOBALG.A.P., an international not-for-profit body that sets standards for the industry worldwide.

We also protect the thousands of workers at our own and our suppliers’ sites by adhering to GRASP, the GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practices covering health, safety and welfare.

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Improving sports and leisure spaces

We create specialist, environmentally responsible turf management solutions and services for golf courses, sports pitches and other recreational areas. We invest significantly, showing our long-term commitment to the future of the sector.

We are constantly innovating to anticipate and provide solutions to our customers. Our online platform GreenCast is just one example, providing knowledge, training and tools for turf management professionals.

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Controlling multiple turf diseases

There are 34,000 golf facilities worldwide, 45% of them in the US, creating a strong demand for healthy turf. Our latest fungicide VELISTA® successfully controls 14 key turf diseases, including resistant strains of dollar spot and anthracnose.

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Keeping landscapes and urban environments healthy

Landscapes need care to keep them safe, healthy and accessible. We provide products and solutions that control pests, preventing hazards such as insects and rodents, and weeds in waterways or around essential infrastructure such as railways.

We also offer tree care. We have pioneered a micro-injection technology to protect trees’ health and preserve the elegance and beauty of urban spaces. In France, we have launched a program that is protecting large, mature palms typical of the Mediterranean coastline from infestations by the red palm weevil.

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Providing innovative disease prevention

Diseases transmitted by carrier, or ‘vector’, mosquitos affect millions of people a year and cause hundreds of thousands of deaths. We provide advanced solutions to control mosquitos, including those that are resistant to insecticides.

We are a partner in IVCC, which is focused on developing long-term, sustainable new products for malaria prevention. We continue to make an impact on this and other devastating diseases, such as dengue, chikungunya and the West Nile virus.

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