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How we’re measuring our progress

We’re publishing our data

Our progress reports are based on independent data that can be used by others.

We've worked with growers and partners to create a process for measuring and sharing our progress. Our measurement relies on internal and third party data collection and validation, as well as assessment by independent auditors.

We report yearly on our progress on all six commitments and publish detailed data. We're working with the Open Data Institute (ODI) to apply best practice standards to our data. In time, this means everything we release as open data has an ODI Open Data Certificate.

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Our six commitments

Progress - 700,000 hectares of farmland impacted

Our progress so far

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Measuring our impact

To better understand how reaching our targets will make an impact, we’ve begun a series of impact assessments. We can see how our work makes a difference and identify potential areas where we can improve.

A smallholder social impact assessment in Nicaragua looked at the many ways one of our programs, FRIJOLNICA™ affects growers and their communities. A local organization, CIMS (Sustainable Markets Intelligence Center), conducted the study.

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