An advocate for fair labor

An advocate for fair labor

look after every worker

Our commitment

to look after every worker

How the people behind The Good Growth Plan are striving for fair labor

Renukamma Umapathi is one of the many real people behind The Good Growth Plan. Her small family farm in southern India produces Syngenta seed. More than ten years ago, she participated in the Syngenta Fair Labor program, a partnership between us and the Fair Labor Association. Through the program, she was trained on ending child labor, workers’ rights, and issues of health and safety. She was encouraged to send her children to school.

Since then, her children have graduated and her business has grown – the higher income has enabled her to double the size of her land and renovate and furnish the family home. Renukamma is now a fair labor advocate in her community, motivating others to adopt standards of fair labor and safety measures, including the use of protective equipment and safe storage practices.

As part of our commitment to strive for fair labor conditions throughout our entire supply chain, we’re working together with NGOs, schools, and community members like Renukamma to improve the quality of life for farmers and their families, and make labor standards ethical, sustainable and fair for all.

Together we’re striving for fair labor.

“We take care of [worker] health, provide them with meals, and give them clean drinking water. As a result, they benefit a lot and so do we.”

Renukamma Umapathi, Grower

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Our progress so far

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Taking a stand for fair labor

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