Better soil leads to better crops

soil project russia

Better soil leads to better crops


Our commitment

to rescue more farmland

Fertile soil is the foundation of sustainable agriculture. But poor farming practices and extreme weather lead to erosion and infertility. In Eastern Russia, we are helping farmers switch from traditional plowing to new techniques that preserve soil and increase growers’ yields.

Working with local universities, we educate farmers in minimum tillage, which avoids churning up the earth. Soil retains moisture and porosity, as the passages made by root systems, worms and insects are undisturbed.

Minimum tillage, along with crop rotation, is leading to cost-effective, high-quality production. In 2015, we held four events connecting 245 farmers with scientists and Syngenta employees. So far, the project involves seven farms covering 464,000 hectares.

impacted farmland

Our progress so far

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