Restoring stream environments

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Restoring stream environments

Helping farmers to keep the soil where it belongs: in their fields

Our commitment

to help biodiversity flourish

Planting vegetation along Canada’s waterways

Prince Edward Island is Canada’s largest potato-growing province, famous for its red, sandy soil. But heavy rainfall and a vast system of waterways mean that farmers need to take precautions to stop tilled soil from running into streams and rivers. One important practice that supports stream environments and reduces the risk of soil runoff is planting strips of vegetation along the edges of farm properties and waterways.

These areas not only help to stop field soil slipping into waterways, but also provide food and habitat for a variety of wildlife and pollinating insects.

The Prince Edward Island Stream Restoration Project – conducted in partnership with experts from the Kensington North Watersheds Association and the Bedeque Bay Environmental Management Association – supports farmers in implementing practices that enhance biodiversity and keep the soil where it belongs: in their fields.

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