Empowering family farmers

Empowering family farmers


empower smallholders

Empower smallholders

Empowering family farmers is an important way to achieve a world free from poverty and hunger, major aims of the UN’s SDGs

There are more than 450 million smallholder farmers around the globe, most of whom have family farms of less than 2 hectares of land. In many regions of the world, smallholders are the main producers; their success in achieving a healthy harvest is crucial to the food security and economic well being of their communities. They contribute about 25% of the world’s food supply and represent an important part of the solution for achieving a world free from poverty and hunger, major aims of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to achieve by 2030.

By Empowering smallholders and family farmers to increase their productivity and conduct their work more safely, we’re working to improve the lives of people in rural communities. For farmers growing cocoa in Côte d’Ivoire, increased productivity can make a big difference in their ability to pay school fees, which are typically due in October, just after the start of the main harvest. In cocoa-producing communities, access and means to attend school can be a significant challenge.  

To help cocoa growers in Côte d’Ivoire to improve their yields and secure a more stable income, we’ve partnered with Cargill on a project named “Yiri+”. “Yiri” is the word for “tree” in one of the local languages, symbolizing our aim to make cocoa trees more productive for growers. The project trains farmers in disease and pest management, as well as safe product use and good storage practices.

For Madelaine Tawa Oulé, a smallholder in the Tiassalé region, participating in Yiri+ has helped improve the productivity of her farm. Her extra earnings have increased her ability to educate her children and support her family. “Through the solutions proposed by Syngenta, I notice a difference: the leaves of the plants are now strong, beautiful and still green despite the drought”, she said. “More pods on my plot are beautiful and shiny.”

As part of The Good Growth Plan, we’ve committed to reach 20 million smallholders like Madelaine to enable them to increase their productivity by 50%.

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