Getting the most out of every hectare

Getting the most out of
every hectare

make crops more efficient

Our commitment

to make crops more efficient

How the people behind The Good Growth Plan are helping make crops more efficient

Tanner Tanke is one of the many real people behind The Good Growth Plan. His farm in North Dakota, USA grows soybeans, wheat and sugar beets. As a Good Growth Plan reference farmer, Tanner tracks the resources it takes to grow his crops. He’s found fewer passes over the field with heavy equipment has saved him fuel and labor. Knowing the efficiency of his farm inputs helps him not only keep an eye on his bottom line, but also improve the sustainability of his farm. This helps him get the most out of every hectare.

We’re working with farmers like Tanner to increase the average productivity of the world’s major crops by 20% by 2020, without using more land, water or inputs. To test and measure what’s possible, we’ve created a network of reference farms to trial and better understand more efficient farming practices. We’re sharing this crop productivity data with growers, academics, and governments so that everyone can benefit as quickly as possible from our learnings.

He’s growing crops more efficiently to protect the environment and make his farm more profitable so that it’s around for his five-year-old son in years to come.

Together we’re making crops more efficient.

“I think it’s important to grow more crops with less inputs and less land just because land is expensive to buy or rent. You can produce more to increase your bottom line.”

Tanner Tanke, Grower

reference farm map

Our progress so far

corn cob in hand

Helping corn growers in the US to increase water efficiency

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