Improving yields and livelihoods

Improving yields and livelihoods

empower smallholders

Our commitment

to empower smallholders

How the people behind The Good Growth Plan are helping empower smallholders

Priscar Mwangangi is one of the many real people behind The Good Growth Plan. She grows tomatoes, peppers and beans on a small plot of land in Kenya. Heavy rains, crop disease and low-yielding seeds used to keep her from achieving her dream of growing her crops all year-round. Without crop protection and high-quality seeds, an entire season’s work could be lost.

As part of a Syngenta program in her community, Priscar leads field demonstrations to share her knowledge, particularly on high-quality seeds, which she credits as a major factor in her own success. Fellow growers in the program are also trained on how to use pesticides in the right way, including the use of protective equipment and the appropriate disposal of  empty containers.

We’ve committed to reach 20 million smallholders like Priscar and enable them to increase productivity by 50 percent as part of our Good Growth Plan. But our goal isn’t just to reach smallholders - we want to empower them. That’s why we’re working with partners around the world to give more smallholders the farming knowhow they need – as well as access to agronomic knowledge and quality crop inputs.

Together we’re empowering smallholders.

"What I would like to see in my farm from next year is to see myself producing and harvesting throughout the year…If you need tomatoes, round the year, this is where to come. If you need peppers, round the year, this is where to come. Through the Good Growth Plan I am sure I am going to do that."

Priscar Mwangangi , Grower

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