Investing in soil health

Investing in soil health

rescue more farmland

Our commitment

to rescue more farmland

How the people behind The Good Growth Plan are helping rescue more farmland

Péter Szabadka is one of the many real people behind The Good Growth Plan. His family farm in Hungary grows a variety of crops using our CONTIVO® solution, which helps growers adopt conservation agriculture practices to reduce erosion and maintain soil health. Throughout the year, our field experts and CONTIVO® advisors give him advice on how to manage the soil. This involves reducing weed growth through the use of crop protection and not through tilling the field. Less tillage reduces the number of passes on the field by the cultivator, so the soil stays in place, reducing erosion, compaction and soil runoff.

In Hungary, this type of soil management is crucial due to severe weather patterns like record-setting rains and droughts. Too much rain can wash soil away, too little can dry it out. Better soil conservation practices produce healthier yields. It’s not only good for the Péter’s farmland - but for his productivity as well.

At Syngenta, we made a commitment to improve the fertility of 10 million hectares of farmland by 2020. On the ground, we’ve worked together with farmers to create sustainable cropping systems, helping growers like Péter improve soil, yields, and livelihoods. We’ve also partnered with leading policy and decision makers, together with the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), providing farmers with the support they need to take care of their land and their business.

Together we’re rescuing more farmland. 

"If we take good care of our soil, it’s not only good from the environmental aspect, but can improve our productivity."

Péter Szabadka, Grower

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Our progress so far

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Better soil leads to better crops

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