Supporting conservation at the IUCN World Congress

Supporting conservation at the IUCN World Congress

rescue more farmland

Rescue more farmland

An opportunity to share and seek feedback on ways agriculture can be more sustainable

This week’s IUCN World Conservation Congress in Hawaii brings together more than 8,000 decision-makers, practitioners, and stakeholders from around the globe to advance global conservation efforts. As a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), we are joining this important gathering to discuss how we can contribute with our innovation and business reach to manage our natural environment for human, social and economic development.

The Congress presents a unique opportunity to showcase innovative and transformative business solutions to conservation, management of natural resources and sustainable socio-economic development. Our Head of Environmental Policy, Romano DeVivo, will be presenting on a series of initiatives we are taking as part of our Good Growth Plan to rescue farmland from degradation and to enhance the biodiversity of agricultural landscapes.

Tackling land degradation will be a large focus of our discussions at the event as we share and seek feedback from the environmental community on ways agriculture can be more sustainable. These include on-farm solutions for conservation agriculture, climate-smart agriculture, minimum tillage and and better landscape connectivity. Together with the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) and the WBCSD, we partner on the Soil Leadership Academy. The Academy will conduct a training workshop at the congress where we will be discussing next steps in our work toward a land-degradation neutral world. 

Learn more about our Good Growth Plan, six commitments we’ve made to make agricultural more sustainable by 2020.

Two years into The Good Growth Plan. What has been achieved so far?

Better soil leads to better crops

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