Spreading the word on safe use

Spreading the word on safe use

help people stay safe

Our commitment

to help people stay safe

How the people behind The Good Growth Plan are helping
people stay safe

Shi Lijie is one of the many real people behind The Good Growth Plan. As a corn and rice grower in Liaoning province, China, she was trained by Syngenta around ten years ago on how pesticides can be applied and stored safely. Since then, she has become a leader in her community helping to spread the word on the safe use of pesticides.

She’s so passionate about helping growers protect themselves and the environment that she does so in her spare time, on top of her day to day work. Using the 5 Golden Rules, Shi Lijie leads trainings on behalf of Syngenta to educate farmworkers.

As part of The Good Growth Plan, we made a commitment to train 20 million farm workers on labor safety by 2020. To reach this target, we’ve revised our protocols to ensure that the knowledge our trainers share has a lasting impact. We’ve also been developing new guidelines and tools in six languages so that more people like Shi can learn how to make a world of difference.

Together we’re helping people stay safe.

“I especially hope our local farmers can all reach a high level of safe use of pesticides. And this way, we’ll live more safely and happily and joyfully. I hope everybody values food safety as much as I do, and values the safe use of pesticides as well.”

Shi Lijie, Grower

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Our progress so far

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Training farmers to stay safe

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