Accelerating progress of the UN SDGs

Accelerating progress of the UN SDGs

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How we can contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and move beyond ‘business as usual’

The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) address forms of global inequality, insecurity and injustice through specific targets to be achieved by 2030. These targets integrate the economic, social and environmental dimensions of development while prioritizing the management of natural resources for sustainable production and consumption. Underpinned by human rights, the goals have the ambition of leaving no one behind. They ask society to:

  • Build multi-stakeholder partnerships, address governance challenges and invest in new technologies and business models
  • Share better data, monitoring and accountability to accelerate technological innovation


How can Syngenta meaningfully contribute?

Agriculture today is struggling to meet the challenge of feeding an increasing population sustainably, which will likely reach 8.5 billion people by 2030. Since 2013, we’ve been working toward our own commitments to improve agriculture by 2020 through The Good Growth Plan to provide:

  • The resource efficiencies that must underpin increasing agricultural productivity, while mitigating the effects of climate change
  • The ecosystem resilience necessary to sustain this productivity in the future
  • The far-reaching knowledge transfer that smallholder farmers, in particular, will need in order to share in the benefits of better agricultural production


How does The Good Growth Plan support the UN SDGs?

At the recent Sustainable Development Goals Business Forum, our Head of Public Policy and Sustainability Juan Gonzalez-Valero spoke about Syngenta’s contribution to achievement of the UN SDGs through our Good Growth Plan. The forum was held in conjunction with the High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development to explore how the private sector can deliver on the promise of sustainable and inclusive development.

We can impact the achievement of the SDGs through the six commitments of The Good Growth Plan, which align with six of the UN’s critical targets:

How The Good Growth Plan supports achievement of the UN SDGs

Our contribution to the 2030 Agenda

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Our progress so far 

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