Challenges for farmers

We work with every type of farmer, to meet every farming challenge

Regardless of size, the challenge for farmers is to grow healthier, more productive plants. We work with growers to get more out of their crops while keeping workers safe and farms profitable.

Farming must be financially rewarding or farmers will leave the land. We help to open up markets and make sure farmers get a fair price and a reasonable profit.

Meet some of the farmers we’re working with

Training and progress

Renukamma Umapathi is a smallholder in southern India. At one time she was barely making a living. With training, she now earns enough to send her children to school and has been able to double the size of the family’s farm.

fair labor seed production

sacks of grain at a market

Better farming, better rewards

Improving the sustainability of agriculture

Farmers are challenged to increase productivity without using more land or water. At the same time, they need to enhance biodiversity and reduce soil degradation. Through our commitments of The Good Growth Plan, we help enable growers to do all of these things when farming intensively.

Making farming rewarding

Rice is a major source of nutrition, income and employment throughout Asia. We train growers to protect their crop throughout its entire life cycle, resulting in healthier plants and yield increases of up to 30%.

In northern Thailand, Khaona Sansadao is one of the small-scale rice growers using our GroMore protocol. Growers learn how to manage resources efficiently and safely. After one year Khaona achieved his largest yield yet, increasing his earnings and enabling him to provide more for his family.

khoana sansadao

renivar mandelo

A community that revolves around coffee

Increasing productivity

Renivar Mandelo says The Good Growth Plan has “helped to open up my mind”. His coffee farm is twice as productive as the average in his home country of Brazil, making it important to the community.

Higher revenue and traceable coffee

Our NUCOFFEE® model in Brazil supports growers in sustainable production, ensuring traceability and increasing growers’ revenues by up to 50%.

New techniques to preserve land and increase yield

Our Conservando Mi Tierrita program in Colombia reduces soil erosion through tilling techniques and water use. It has increased productivity by 25-30% while reducing soil loss by 67%. 

Miguel Gil is one of the potato farmers in the Cundinamarca region to benefit. “I’ve moved from producing 400 bags per hectare to 600,” he says. ” I’m saving money and producing more thanks to Syngenta, their products and advice.” 

miguel gil

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