Food security

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Humanity’s toughest challenge

Every day, there are 200,000 more mouths to feed. By 2050, that’s about 2 billion more people who will need food

What is Syngenta doing?

The Good Growth Plan

One planet. Six commitments.

We need to find better ways to feed the world

Hunger, health, a growing population, the need to farm sustainably – these are some of the issues facing our planet.

In the next 50 years the world must produce more food than in the last 10,000. But we’re currently using resources 50% faster than the planet can sustain.

How do we meet the challenge while protecting nature, helping people in rural communities live better lives, and satisfying consumers who demand greater variety, quality and quantity of food?

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It’s time to think differently about food security

Food security divides opinion

People agree that producing enough food for a growing population is one of the next decade’s biggest challenges. Yet we don’t agree on the solutions.  
Many are open to technology in principles but want to minimize the use of pesticides, fertilizers and genetically modified seeds.  Many believe more water and land should be used, but there’s limited understanding of the consequences of doing so.

Resources are under strain

rice grower looking crop in field

In 1950, a hectare fed 2 people. In 2030, it will have to feed 5

One person consumes 2000 liters of water a day.

Water is crucial

plant through soil

Farmland is disappearing

Nature needs to be protected

Farming depends on biodiversity

Many crops rely on the pollination provided by bees and other insects. But farm landscapes often lack the diversity and abundance of flowers that pollinators need. 

Farmers face many challenges

two asian growers with hat in field

Challenges for farmers 

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